About us

Disabled Rehabilitation Center [DRC] Nepal is a non-profit, non-Governmental humanitarian organization established in 2002 A.D. It is registered at District Administration Office in Kathmandu, Nepal with its Registration No: 856/2002 and affiliated with Social Welfare Council and National Federation of Disabled Nepal. It is established with an aim to empower and enrich the community members having disabilities and to enable the disabled people to make them self-reliant.


  • To define the right to education
  • To explain the importance of education for children with disabilities
  • To understand the interrelation between education and other human rights.
  • Understand the provisions on education in the UN Convection on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
  • To seek strategies to advance the right of people with disablities to participate in education.
  • To introduce “PEACE EDUCATION” according to Hague Appeal for Peace Global Campaign for Peace Education.

[ With reference to Human Rights YES! ]

People with disabilities are often denied their right to education. According to best estimates of international agencies, 90% of children with disabilities in the developing countries do not attend school. If they do, all children with disabilities face barriers such as inaccessible schools, untrained staff, and the assumption or stereotype that people with disabilities are unable to learn or do not need to learn. Every human being, including people with disabilites, should be able to enjoy their right to lifelong education.

States are legally bound to provide people with disabilites the opportunity and support they need to access quality, lifelong education that will maximize the full development of their mental and physical abilities. This means that people with disabilities are entitled to an equal opportunity to participate in inclusive education settings- that is the general education system- along with all other people in the community in which they live.