Statement of the Problems faced by DRC- Nepal

The organization gives shelter to different forms of disability. They are kept under the supervision of the Program Supervisor at the residence. However,

  1. Children face difficulty in going to school and returning home.
  2. Those who can walk a little can manage it anyhow but it becomes hard on those who feel more difficulties in moving their bodies.
  3. There is no means of transport for carrying them. There is a big distance between the schools and the residence.
  4. Some children describe being discriminated against in school. Teasing, bullying, lack of friendships and being treated as different.
  5. Create problems for disabled children. Especially, if there is no explicit policy in the school to address such problems or the commitment and skill on the part of the teacher to help promote an inclusive environment.
  6. There are many schools that refuse to admit disabled children, because they lack understanding of disability or any training on how to include them in a mainstream.
  7. It is difficult to find teachers with appropriate skills for teaching disabled children. Teachers have to be available 24 hours a day for those disabled children residing in schools.
  8. DRC needs to be hired at least one vehicle to drop and pick-up the disabled children from the schools. But not affordable as it goes a big fund for that.
  9. Disabled children find extremely difficult to go schools in distance due to medical surgery, orthopedics support (artificial limbs, braces, crutches, wheel chairs and other equipment).
  10. Difficult to hire suitable housing for the disabled children. From the beginning, DRC has already forced to move into six places. 99% of house owners hesitate to hire house for disabled children.

Based on the prevailing situation as above and many more problems, we have a strong desirous of building a School on its own land where they could stay and study. . A successful construction of the DRC Boarding School Building would liberate the disabled children from several kinds of difficulties and lessen the financial burden to the organization.