The organization, Disabled Rehabilitation Center, DRC-Nepal is managed by a committee composed of nine officers. Each officer is assigned a task and heads a sub-committee to take care of the needs and run the programs of the organization. All officers work on voluntary basis and none of them are paid for their services. Besides the officers, there are members composed of people who want to help elevate the cause and situation of physically disabled persons.

In the course of service the management has identified Attitudinal, Environmental and Institutional, three major discriminations to the disabled children.

The Institutional discrimination occurs where the law discriminates against the rights of People with Disabilities, making them in some way a second-class citizens.

Environmental discrimination happens as everyday affairs in public services, buildings and transport found inconvenient to access for disabled citizens.

Attitudinal discrimination occurs when the disabled people socially excluded within the family and community by attitudes of fear and ignorance on the part of non-disabled people, who use negative and pejorative language about them: or they may be excluded from society and schools because of generally low expectations of what disabled people can achieve.

From the course of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) which covers the comprehensive expects of participation, non-discrimination, inclusion, justice, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of Persons With Disabilities. (PWD), The Honorary “Patron” Mr. Kipa Sherpa of DRC has formed a Five Members Committee for the Construction of DRC English Boarding School on its own land.

The Committee Members will be responsible for Monitoring, Evaluation, Finance Administration, over all Supervision and Periodic Reports Preparation of the Construction Works of DRC School Building.

Our Team

Construction Committee

Kipa Sherpa

Mr. Kami Sherpa
Asst. Coordinator

Min Bahadur Karki

Aang Tsering Sherpa
[ Asst. Treasurer]

Mr. Neema Nuru Sherpa

Mhendo Lama

Mr Tanka tiwari

Mr Nima jambu sherpa

Advisory Committee

Mr. Saroj Chalise

Ms. Ani Tenzing Sangmo