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Everyday we are witnesses to acts of violence: on the streets, on the television screen, and often in our homes and schools. All we hear in the news are stories about war, murder and bloodshed. History lessons teach us about a series of wars. Even games in the computer and toys are often designed to stimulate enjoyment from imaginary violent activities. Therefore:

As soon as the school session is begun DRC has focused to introduce Peace Education from primary to higher secondary level. Peace Education is not only essential in Nepal but also extremely important to introduce in all developed and developing countries around the world.

Hague Appeal for Peace in New York, USA defines that there is no one definition of peace and no single ‘package’ of peace education that can be delivered. However, in our view Peace Education covers; Human Value, Human Rights, Human Security and disarmament Issues, Development and Environmental Education, Reconciliation, Conflict Prevention-Resolution Training, Critical Media Awareness, Gender Studies, Non-Violence and International Relations are all part of Peace Education.

DRC will march forward in providing Education on Peace without discrimination on cast, religion and gender. Thefore:

DRC earnestly appeal seeking cooperation from all people in extending generous contribution towards the noble work for the promotion and protection of the disabled and helpless children. You can help DRC-Nepal in many ways to ensure the children’s mental and physical development, healing, recovery, social integration and self respect.